Keynote 1: Lynette Hunter


“Performance as Research and Performative Critical Writing”

Documentation and dissemination remain critical elements–and critical challenges–for virtually all approaches to Artistic Research. To respond to the stated focus of the conference, the presentation will address the distinction between articulation of performance and documenting of performance, on the part of both the performer and the critic/audience member. The issue on which I would like to dwell is the problem of the verbal. Nearly all discursive legitimation is through arrangements of written words. As a writer, I am well aware of the distinction between verbal articulation and verbal documenting, but many artmakers I work with are not. I would like to explore different examples of written practices of documenting that may enable artmakers to use words and to keep faith with ‘the enactive, embodied, situated, and emergent nature of Artistic Research practices and knowledge’, and may strengthen the reasons for choosing how to communicate their work.