Participating Organizations


SYMBIONT is an Artistic Research intersection between three independent organizations:

* Nightswimming (Canada), Canada’s foremost dramaturgical incubator, which for over 20 years has created opportunities for professional artists to explore focused performance issues through its Pure Research program.

* Performing Arts Relay (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Calgary, Toronto), an international practice-as-research network that explores the collaborative relationships between highly accomplished artistic practitioners and non-artistic specialists.

Performing Arts Relay Partners:
Teater SeaChange (Aarhus, Denmark)
Nightswimming (Toronto, Canada)
Dancearena Nord (Hammerfest, Norway)
Dance Atelier (Reykjavik, Iceland)
School of Creative and Performing Arts (Calgary, Canada)

* Articulating Artistic Research Seminar (Canada +), now in its 6th year, which facilitates embodied AR exploration, articulation, and dissemination on an international scale.

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