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Nightswimming – Pure Research Calgary 2018


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Calgary – November 12-14 2018

There are few places in Canada where in-depth theatrical research can be explored without the pressure of developing or performing a new work. Nightswimming’s Pure Research is designed to foster theatrical experiments that are not specifically linked to the creation of new work. Pure Research provides space, money and resources to artists who are pursuing provocative theatrical questions regarding performance, technology and creative process.

Nightswimming is pleased to bring Pure Research to Calgary for the first time as part of SYMBIONT. Nightswimming Artistic Director Brian Quirt will serve as dramaturgical advisor to the following research projects:

(Not) Our Mother Tongue: Exploring Language, Story and Connection in Performance– Reneltta Arluk (Banff) & Patti Flather (Whitehorse)

Reneltta and Patti are investigating the use of text in a language that the audience, and possibly the performer, neither speaks nor understands, specifically in reference to Indigenous languages. Their research will examine optimal ways to design performance for communities reeling from language loss through colonization and genocide, and other audiences, and promote language revitalization. Central questions to be addressed include how an audience’s experience of a performance varies depending on ability to read and speak the language and their relationship with that language, and how does the experience change when the audience has cultural familiarity but lost fluency in the language

Don’t Spill the Sacrament – Silence in Directing – Vanessa Porteous (Calgary)

Director Vanessa Porteous is exploring the impact of using silence as a directing tool. Does restricting a director’s speech in rehearsal uncover new resonances in the material? What does silence bring to creative exploration in the rehearsal hall? During this investigation of the power of silence Vanessa will direct scenes from Electramoving gradually into more and more silence. The goal is to gather data on the effects of silence and non-verbal communication in the directorial process.

For more information on Pure Research, please explore our 24 past research projects at pureresearch.ca.

Contact Nightswimming’s Producer Brittany Ryan at brittany@nightswimmingtheatre.comor (416) 504-3898 for more information.

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